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 Guangzhou Han Wang mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding machine, the backbone of the industry has decades of experience, inherited and carry forward the well-known brands accumulated decades of technology, operating "Xing welding" brand, welding machine variety; Products are manual welding, Argon welding, plasma cutting welding, stud welding, tap CO2, inverter CO2 and AC/DC, digital pulse industrial welding machines; according to customer use can be divided into three categories:  

  A: The industrial machine series, inheriting the classic, enjoys a good reputation for 20 years.

  B: Civil Light Industry series, combined with Industrial Machinery Technology, Florida for site, hardware or sheet metal factory.

  C: Civil Small Machine Series: small (clever) , exquisite (exquisite) , light (convenient) for decoration and individual family.

Guangzhou Han WangMechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Provide various types of industrial welding equipment

The products are sold all over the country and are well received by customers
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Business card


Guangzhou Han Wang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 11, Huangqishan Road, Yonghe Development Zone, Huangpu, Guangzhou Tel: 020-82988191 Fax: 020-82988161 After sale: 020-32225963 Post Code: 511356
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